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Hello! I'm Lexi

Hi all!! I am Lexi Mulee and I am the founder/clinician at WMC! I am so excited and proud to be offering the LGBTQ community within NY, CT, & NJ DBT skills and services! We teach these skills to help others live their best lives and manage concerns and any symptoms related to BPD, Eating Disorders, and Substance Abuse! We believe in the power of DBT and hope to make you a believer too! 

My Story

Lexi grew up in Putnam County New York, with her Mom, Dad and sister (and two dogs of course)! After dealing with her own struggles with Anxiety, Lexi fell in love with DBT as she was taught it as a way to find relief. It was her mission to go to school and eventually become a therapist so she could help others the way her support team had helped her!

Graduating with an Undergraduate degree in Psychology and Community Health from Hofstra University, Lexi found that she also had a passion for working within the LGBTQ+ community. Directly after her undergraduate studies, Lexi moved down to sunny Miami to attend the Masters of Mental health Program at the University of Miami. Here is where she began her work at the inpatient level with women struggling with Eating Disorders and Borderline Personality Disorder.


Lexi now lives in Midtown Manhattan with her puppy Mimi and continues to find her passion and joy every day in working with her clients. Now expanding into teaching, you can find Lexi most often running DBT workshops for other Mental Health professionals and teachers.

Contact Lexi

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

(917) 830-4001

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