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WMC Workshops

Interested in learning more about DBT? You can book a workshop with WMC today!

Whether it's for your loved ones, your clinical team, or yourself, WMC offers workshops to explore DBT and its applications in many different settings. This is great for those who are unable to commit to an ongoing group schedule, but would still like to learn about Dialectical Behavioral Therapy!  CEU's available for professionals.


Check out the workshops we offer below! Please contact us for fees regarding each workshop.

Online Conference

4-Week DBT Workshop
For All

WMC offers a 4-week virtual workshop for people looking to practice Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Skills!! We meet on Thursdays for 4 weeks at 6:30pm- 8:30pm. Lexi Mulee, Owner of WMC will teach and review some of DBT’s most effective skills in relation to Mindfulness, Distress Tolerance, Emotional Regulation, and Interpersonal Effectiveness. The fee is $400 for the full workshop, curriculum/worksheets, & skills coaching. All are welcome: clinical folks, famillies, and laymen! 8 CEU available for professionals for additional $50!

Therapy Session

DBT and its application within Substance Use Disorders 

In this 90-minute virtual workshop, we learn all about how Dialectical Behavioral Therapy can have very effective and practical applications in treating folks who struggle with Substance Use Disorders of any kind. WMC reviews how DBT conceptualizes and treats SUD, along with specific skills that can be used to mitigate the devastating effects that SUD can have on an individual and their loved ones.

Group Discussion

Intro to DBT: Foundation, Principles, Application

This 2-day virtual workshop we learn all about the fundamentals Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, its principles, and how to apply them in your own practice! We will be reviewing the history, how it began, the 7 assumptions DBT makes, the importance of the 4 modules, clients who benefit the most, and DBT programming.

Reading Glasses on Book

Breaking Down Borderline Workshop

Come break down the Borderline Personality Disorder stigma, and join us this month to understand more about BPD, its symptoms, how it appears in real life, and how to treat it effectively! Topics to be presented include BPD DSM 5 diagnostic criteria, history of BPD, causes of BPD, busting the myths/stigma around BPD, most effective treatment modalities, effective ways to communicate in treatment with individuals who have BPD, BPD in the media, and importance of boundary setting!


How to facilitate a DBT Group Workshop

Come join us in this 2-day workshop for all the tips and tricks around how to facilitate an awesome DBT group! Day 1 will consist of a thorough overview of DBT and a deeper dive on how to apply different clinical skills to facilitate an engaged group. Day 2 will be a sit-in on an actual group where you will get to see these skills in action!

Sad on Couch

DBT Skills to use in Crisis

 Come join WMC while we teach the 10 most effective Dialectical Behavioral Therapy skills that can be used for a client in crisis. These skills are incredibly effective to help guide regulation and grounding for clients struggling with Borderline Personality Disorder, Substance Use Disorder, Dating Disorders, and PTSD. 

Remote Learning

DBT & Data Collection

Come join us in this 2-hour virtual workshop to learn more about the ways Dialectical Behavioral Therapy uses data collection and metrics to help offer effective support for its clients and clinicians! In this workshop, we review the relevancy of using tools such as the SUD scale, Diary cards, and emotional Identification charts.

Classroom Lecture

DBT application in an Acedemic Setting

In this workshop, we explore ways in which DBT can be effectively applied in a school and academic setting among students. We explore the application with a wide range of students ages, form ages K-12.

Working on a Computer

1-Hour DBT Crash Course

Come join us for this quick and dirty overview of DBT and its fundamentals! This workshop is great for those who have an interest in DBT and are looking to know the basics!

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