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We are so happy you are here! It is always hard to start your mental health wellness journey- but we are here to make it easier for you! So come in, take a load off, and check out what WMC has to offer. Stay a while. 

Jen, NY

“Lexi is amazing! She has truly helped me look at my life and myself in a better light. Joining her DBT group is literally one of the best decisions I have made. She is smart, funny, and caring. She is also very reassuring - which I appreciate because it’s easy to fall into thinking I’m bothering someone. I genuinely feel supported. I’m so grateful!."

Cassie, NY

"I  have learned a lot and my mental health has improved a lot through group therapy with Alexa. Very supportive and invested in her clients. I have referred three people to the group because it’s helped me so much. Hard recommend."

Jami, NY

"Alexa’s DBT group for teens is absolutely incredible. My 16 year old daughter looks forward to group therapy every single week. She uses the tools given to her in group to help with her severe anxiety. We are so thankful for this group!"

Marie, NY

After coming out of a crisis situation, finding a DBT group to join that didn't have a crazy waitlist and was affordable felt impossible... Lexi made it so easy and from the first session I was hooked. Lexi is so generous with her time and attention, group was never canceled for a holiday - if anyone wanted to come, she was there. She always says she's just a text away and she means it! She's hilarious and always relatable. Learning skills I could name was a game changer. I loved meeting others in group who I could finally relate to and who were such bright lights of encouragement. I never write reviews, but I hope this encourages someone out there who feels like giving up to give WMC a try :)

Jim, VT

"Lexi is amazing. Thoughtful and caring she truly listens to each person and tailors her therapy to your needs. Expert in DBT her help has kept me sober for over two years and counting. Highly recommend!!"

Gary, NY

"Lexi is the best. She makes the lessons easy to understand and practical - useful in everyday life and they help. The group is great for validation and inclusivity and it's comforting to learn that other people are going through similar things. Lexi makes the group lite when appropriate - she has a good sense of humor. And you can take the curriculum more than once - you'll get something new out of it each time."

Justine, NJ

"Lexi is incredible. Been working with her for over a year and a half. She is even there for support on days we don’t have a meeting anytime I need her. I love DBT, she’s shared books about it with me and I took her group at Intercare. Highly suggest, no request is too much when you work with Lexi. Good luck in your therapy journey."

Julie, NY

"Lexi is amazing. She is easy to connect with, a great listener and is very attentive. She gives practical advice, resources and techniques to use for different situations, emotions and relationships. I've talked to her about my history with depression, anxiety, alcoholism, family, work, marriage, body image, the list goes on and on. Lexi makes me feel that no matter what, I'll be able to face things and if I want to, change the way I think and respond to things. In short, working with Lexi has changed my life and I'm so thankful I found her!"

Mara, NY

"The group sessions have made such a difference to my daughter and therefore my family."

Madison, NY

"Lexi is an amazing clinician. She is thoughtful and caring, supportive and encouraging. She is highly skilled in DBT, listens genuinely and non-judgmentally, and aims to provide the best care individualized to her client's specific needs. She is enmeshed in a great network of peers and clinicians, so the support runs deep. She is there any time -- literally -- her on-call availability is a game-changer. I feel lucky to have found such a great therapist. Highly recommend :)"


295 Park Ave S New York, NY 10010, USA

(845) 721-4724

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